Leaders in the
7 Rivers Region
who have signed the
Collaboration COMPACT


Xcel Energy
Synergy Leadership Group
Chamber of Commerce -
      La Crosse Area
Village of Holmen
Credit Bureau Data, Inc.
Minnesota State College -     Southeast Technical
Western Technical College
Johns, Flaherty & Collins
Gundersen Lutheran
Town of Holland
Town of Shelby
La Crosse County Economic
     Development Fund
Kwik Trip
La Crosse Area Builders
City of Sparta
Family & Children's Center
Juneau County Economic 
     Development Corp.
Community and Economic
     Development Associates
Village of Trempealeau
Weiser Brothers General
     Contractor, Inc.
Town of Washington
Mississippi River Regional
    Planning Commission
La Crosse Medical Health
    Science Consortium
Riverland Energy Cooperative
La Crosse Area Development
     Corp. (LADCO)
Village of West Salem
Franciscan Skemp Medical Center
Allamakee County Economic
Village of Bangor
School District of La Crosse
Village of Rockland
City of Tomah

New Albin Savings Bank

Organic Valley


Workforce Connections

First Supply LLC

Western Wisconsin Workforce

City of Onalaska

Rushford Institute for

     Nanotechonlogy (RINTech)

Redevelopment Authority of the
     City of La Crosse

Town of Onalaska

Downtown Mainstreet, Inc.

Vernon Economic Development          Association

Port Authority of Winona

 Winona Workforce Investment

La Crescent Chamber of 

City of La Crosse

Rainbow International Restoration     and Cleaning

Spierings Specialty Molded 

     Products, Inc.

River Valley Newspaper Group

La Crosse County Solid Waste 


GEA Consulting

Iowa State University Extension  

    1 Outreach - Region 4

Health Tradition Health Plan

Hiawatha Broadband


Allergy Associates of La Crosse

Gerrard Hoeschler, Inc.

David A. Trapp

E3 Coalition

Dynamic Recycling


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Principles of Regional Collaboration Compact


We as leaders in the 7 Rivers Region, acknowledge that the success of our region is greatly enhanced by a commitment to regional collaboration.

Therefore, with this signing, we adopt the following principles to support our regional culture, sustainable growth and prosperity, and the highest quality of life for all residents.

Equity - Act without bias or favoritism, focusing on what is best for the region. As part of this, we support economic opportunity and high quality of life for people of all backgrounds and skill levels.


Collaboration - Work across jurisdictions and sectors in recognition that our economy and our assets transcend those boundaries. We agree that our ability to compete globally is dependent on our ability to collaborate locally and as a region. We recognize that quality of life and economic development do not stop at community, county, or state lines.


Cooperation - Support and promote cooperative intergovernmental strategies that create and maintain regional economic development initiatives and improve the overall efficiency of municipal services throughout the 7 Rivers Region.


Stewardship - Preserve our assets, unique places, infrastructure and natural resources because economic development and quality of life are inextricably linked - that economic prosperity means a high quality of life, and quality of life fosters economic prosperity. We know that our regional assets create economic opportunities for the region, and we will be stewards of those assets.


Celebration - Identify, celebrate and market the unique assets of all counties and communities within the region. We recognize that the whole of our regional assets is greater than the sum of its parts, and that this is a competitive advantage for our region. We know that the 7 Rivers Region represents three states, multiple counties, and a myriad of communities providing a vast array of resources and conversely, that one state, county, and municipality alone can offer only a fraction of the possible assets.


Competitiveness - Position this region, based on its assets, to successfully compete nationally and globally. We embrace competition, but we will refrain from disparaging or selling against other communities within the region. We will work cooperatively to retain, grow, and attract economic growth to our region.


Focus - Identify and strengthen specific, targeted economic development and quality of life efforts to greatly impact broader regional prosperity. We will focus our efforts on what are most effective, setting targets and priorities in our work for better results.


Servant Leadership - Support, assist and leverage leadership and related work across the region for the betterment of the region. We will demonstrate our leadership by seeking out partnership and support roles that will allow us to move the region forward by enhancing and assisting existing efforts and leaders.


Innovation - Seek innovative and creative ways to grow the region's economy in ways that preserve and enhance the quality of life. We acknowledge the competitive edge that innovation brings to this region, and will actively seek out creative solutions in our work.


Transparency - Conduct work in a way that is open and accessible. We acknowledge the collaborative benefit and trust that comes from open communication.


Measurement - Develop goals and metrics as a region to ensure progress. We will track our performance as a region, and we will use a common set of measurements to determine our progress. We come together annually to move the goals of this compact forward and to report and celebrate our collaborative successes.


Sign the COMPACT - Support the 7 Rivers Region by signing the Collaboration COMPACT.

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60+ Signers to Collaboration Compact

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